New Talent Night

Unfortunately all New Talent Night's are cancelled until further notice. Our downtown location remains closed and we do not have an estimated reopen date at this point.

This is where it all begins.

All comedians get their start somewhere, and chances are, it was on a night just like New Talent Night.

New Talent Night at Comedy Works is a weekly showcase of Denver’s best up-and-coming performers. Each show is a hilarious mix of professionals working on new material, amateur comedians working on their chops, and first-timers being thrown in the pool. And you never know when a nationally-touring headliner such as Josh Blue or Dave Chappelle will drop by to work out before a concert. It's the most popular new talent showcase in the Denver area.

New Talent Night at Comedy Works Downtown in Larimer Square is presented each Tuesday night at 8:00.

Interested In Performing On New Talent Night?

If you’ve always wondered if you had the stuff to be a comedian, Comedy Works is happy to give you a shot at comedy glory. Here’s how to sign up to perform on New Talent Night.

Call the Comedy Works New Talent hotline at 303-477-7844, and leave your name at the end of the message. Please speak clearly, and if you have a unique name, please spell it.

Each week, over a hundred people call the hotline, so it does take a while for a performer to get on for the first time, usually about 6-8 weeks. But if you’re patient and call in each week, you will eventually make the list.

Each Wednesday, the list of performers for the following Tuesday is posted on the machine (also on the New Talent Facebook page). At that point, Comedy Works begins taking sign-ups for the Tuesday after that.

If you are a visiting comic, you may also call into the hotline and leave the details of your visit to Denver. The club invites you to come down for New Talent Night and sign up on the stand-by list.

Once You Make The List

Performers are required to check in at the front desk 30 minutes before the show starts. If you fail to check in, you will forfeit your spot on the show. Show order will be posted about 15 minutes before the show begins.

First-time performers get two minutes. Please stick to your time. The stage lights will flutter at the end of your time to let you know to wrap it up. If you do not begin the wrap up, the stage lights will be blacked-out.

Please stay out of the staff's way as they are very busy. Stay clear of the aisles and stairways, and do not linger in the bar area.

You may watch the show from backstage, or from an empty seat in the audience (if the show is not sold out.) However, if you sit in the audience, you must order from a server and tip them.

Contacting Us

As a general rule, Comedy Works does not return phone calls from the New Talent hotline, but we do listen to each message.

If you have further questions, it's best to e-mail us at