Funny Final Four Victory Lap

Funny Final Four Victory Lap

Comedy Works Downtown

1226 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 map


  • Wednesday, May 01 2024 7:30PM

    Passes Allowed | 21+

Funny Final Four Victory Lap

VICTORY LAP! Catch the top performers from the Funny Final Four Championship!

The Funny Final Four is a series of competitions starting with five teams made up of a captain, two pro comics, and ten New Talent comics.

Each Wednesday, a different team will perform the funniest, most original show they can produce. (One year a team did a Price is Right themed show.) And the judges are selected from the audience!

Each team will be judged, and the top two teams move on to perform again, with the winner getting a third show. Look for some of your favorite local comedians!

ATTENTION: 100% of ticket redemptions require the ORIGINAL purchaser to be present, as verified by government-issued ID. If buying tickets as a GIFT, check “This is a gift” AT TIME OF PURCHASE (will call names cannot be changed after the fact). Must be 21+. Two-item minimum. Be ON TIME! If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the show’s scheduled start, your tickets are subject to be canceled WITHOUT refund. Resale of tickets is not permitted and will not be tolerated (review our ticket resale policy). No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.