Best of Thick  Skin Dirty Edition

Best of Thick Skin Dirty Edition

Comedy Works Downtown

1226 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 map


  • Friday, Oct 20 2023 9:45PM

    Passes Allowed | 21+

Best of Thick Skin Dirty Edition

Best of Thick Skin: DIRTY EDITION

Comedy at its Rawest

Hard R-rating. May not be for everybody, but everyone should see it!

Love Thick Skin? Well good news! Denver’s wildest show ups the ante with this special engagement that showcases the cream-of-the crop of our top performers!

“Best of Thick Skin” hosted by Mike Stanley and Matt Cobos, brings its usual high-octane pace but this time the lineups consist of all of our previous winners performing extended sets! Mike and Matt wrangle these former winners as they bring their best and battle it out to see who can walk away with crown!

All the staples of the Thick Skin you love killer comics, “Worst tattoo in the audience” and your favorite hosts set the stage to give you the best night of comedy of your life!

(Sept 7 ONLY) Looking to dine before the show? Dine at Lucy Restaurant. Make your reservations now at

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