Code Blue A Naughty Showcase: Code Blue Naughty Showcase

Code Blue A Naughty Showcase

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Code Blue A Naughty Showcase

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Denver's hardest working veterinarian, is always hysterical at night. Blue means dirty material in the comedy business and Code Blue refers to cardiac arrest. Join Dr Kevin, your host for the evening as he attempts to soften the naughty blow to some of his most smarchy (adj. smart + raunchy=smarchy) friends for a pile of vile bile. Kevin's clean and relaxed approach will smooth out the rough edges no matter how edgy his comic guests might get. Come see how funny and filthy can coexist to birth big laughs. You won't have a heart attack, but you might be black and blue from the beating your funny bone will take at Code Blue.

This show is considered x rated.

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