New Years'  Resolution Workshop

New Years' Resolution Workshop

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New Years' Resolution Workshop

Keep Your New Years' Resolution Hypnosis Workshop

Learn how to keep your New Years' Resolution using the power of self-hypnosis. It doesn't matter what your resolution is... giving up smoking, exercising more, eating healthier... sometimes sticking to your resolution is more difficult than the resolution itself.

In this 90 minute workshop, hypnotist Rusty Z will show you how to stick to your resolution (whatever it happens to be) using the power of your subconscious mind. Each participant will also receive a free audio hypnosis download card, so that you can reinforce the hypnotic suggestions later, at your convenience.

Bottled water will be served. Tickets $40.00 in advance or $50.00 at the door. Includes free admission to Rusty Z's Comedy Hypnosis Show at 7pm Wear something comfortable. Prepare to relax and resolve.

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