Cocktail College Mix Mingle learn to Pour

Cocktail College Mix Mingle learn to Pour

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Cocktail College Mix Mingle learn to Pour

Have you ever been at a business event and not known what drink order is appropriate? Maybe you've wanted to impress a first date, but you don't recognize anything on the drink menu that doesn't belong in a keg? or maybe you've seen someone nearby sipping on a cocktail and thought to yourself, "Oh that looks so good" but you don't want to spend $10 only to find our you really don't like that?

Get the answers to all these questions and more at Cocktail College, a series of 6 total weekly classes designed for young professionals to network while learning about AND tasting different kinds of spirits and wines. Each class will feature a different kind of alcohol. you can choose an individual class, 4 classes of your choice or attend all 6.

PLUS, the price you pay for classes, you'll receive back in any product you choose at Heritage Wine and Liquor. And stick around after the event for a free show at Comedy Works South.

Clearly, this is one tuition when you will get more than your money's worth!

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