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November 25, 2009

By David Hosler
I saw him 3 or 4 years ago...he is hilarious! One of the funniest comedians around! You will not be disappointed!

December 18, 2010

I saw Craig back in January here at the CW. He was FANTASTIC! The man is genius. If you love the LLS, then you'll love his standup act.

January 19, 2011

By Geri Montoya
Craig Ferguson is a genius, indeed -- brilliant beyond words. He completely rocked New York City's Carnegie Hall with a dazzling performance to two sold-out audiences last October. I was THRILLLED to see him there and overjoyed at the chance to see him now again in March! Denver, we are lucky to have such a tremendous opportunity to have this Renaissance Man in our fine city up close and personal in such an intimate venue. Craig Ferguson is hilarious, absolutely precious, esteemed, awarded and a cherished American funny man. He is one white-hot-smart-ultra-sweet-S*E*X*Y ticket. Don't miss out on this one.

March 20, 2011

By Teresa Novak
I never miss the LLS and even on a bad/off day with a non responsive guest (very rare indeed), Craig just forges on through and he is bound and determined to get something out of that interview/discussion, I cannot wait to see him again. I am such a fan I fly out to LA to get into the tapings of his shows, but I have never seen the standup..I am guaranteed NOT to be disappointed just because he is such a spazz, and I mean that in a really good way.....And oh yes, As Ms. Montoya said in her comment S*E*X*Y.....so very very sexy, and yes, my husband knows I think this, he just tolerates me.......and my infatuation with Craig!!!! Should be a great night....

August 01, 2013

By Niki Chartier
I've seen his stand-up in Denver twice & both times I'm crying from laughing so hard. If you love him on LLS you will for sure love his stand-up. And what's cool is he keeps topics current like his monologues...unless it's a repeat of course. But his stand-up is fresh & no silly little flags over his mouth live!!!! Love it!! Thanks CW for listening to your future comic requests cause he's who I've put down & you listened! Awesome!!! Thanks!!

June 30, 2014

By Eugene Yu
Craig Ferguson is not only a very funny man, but he is also a real class act. Unlike any other late night talk show host, he refused to talk about anything that was pointless like Spears' meltdown or the late night war wiht NBC, Leno, and O'Brien. He also cut the Batman monologue out when he heard about the shooting back in 2012. Also met him in person last year and he is the nicest person in the universe.