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September 08, 2009

By dan ulisny
Parrot: I'm Brian Fellow! Brian Fellow: He's startin' to make me mad! He better shut up! Parrot: I'm Brian Fellow! Brian Fellow: NO YOU'RE NOT! Bill Callahan: Hey, I'm- I'm sorry, I taught him how to say that, I thought you would like it. Brian Fellow: He's an imposter, cause I'M Brian Fellow!

June 15, 2010

By Lucio Duran
I have seen him once before and it was the funniest person I Have ever seen!!

July 08, 2010

By Mike R.
his stand up is not even like a routine, its just him tellin filthy stories

May 01, 2011

By Wendy Verity
I thought he was terrible! Not funny at all.....complete waste of money! I know that most of the audience that night would agree with me. Perhaps a bad night, but certainly expected more from the "headliner!"

May 05, 2012

By Jason Stevens
Disappointing. Tracy ended his show 20 minutes early and wasn't very funny to begin with and not at all worth the $45.00 ticket price. I expected more from Tracy Morgan and Comedy Works. He is very dirty but that was not an issue for us as it was expected. Maybe it was another off night for Mr. Morgan but I will tell another consider his act (or lack thereof) to see someone else. On a positive note, the servers and wait staff were very friendly and professional.

By chad schwab
I went to the first show last night. the first two comics were awesome. had the crowd rollin. Tracy gets up or rather sits in his chair and is too messed up or high to do a good show. stumbles mummbles for a bit and then drops the mike and walks out. 25 minutes early, staff is caught off gaurd as no tabs are ready and we are left with the lights on to wait for our bills. very disapointing headliner, feel sorry for the second show of the night.

By Ed Vance
Saw him last night. I'm sure I caught him on an off night... I think he was on drugs, or drunk, or both. He was a total dud. He sat in a sofa chair and I couldn't see him from third row. Then some bimbo was throwing herself at him and he tried to impromtu jokes out of the situation. ...it didn't work. Wife fell asleep. We left early.